Adoro Wines began in 2004.  Surrounded by their beloved dogs, and passionate about blending, the pair set out to produce blends of Old World and New World winemaking style – wines “with a whole that’s greater than the sum of the different terroirs”.  They see South Africa as “blessed with such diverse terroir that we can elegantly balance our blends to harmoniously combine the complexity, restraint, and ageing potential of the old world with the fruit-driven structure of the new world”.

Adoro, in Latin, means ‘to adore’.  And at Adoro Wines, winemaker Ian Naudé and viticulturist Lucas de Kock bring together all the things they adore… ani1

Opting against fixing themselves to self-owned vineyards, the team is free to choose the grapes that best express the qualities required when blending together the final wine. Their passion and talent were soon recognised by the BenRiach team; at its head, the first two South Africans to own a Scotch whisky distillery, in conjunction with talented master blender Scotsman Billy Walker.  In 2005, Adoro was incorporated into the BenRiach portfolio and the brand-proper was born.

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